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Image by Jonathan Bean

We offer different trips and events in our family kennel. Booking goes through our contact forms or email. 

Our kennel consists of cuddly dogs that thrive in social environment, and who is waiting for extra attention from you!

Contact us in case you want a tailor-made experience together with us in Fururabben Husky.


A taste of dog sledding

Try dogsledding between mountains and our famous fjords!

This is an easier trip where you can try both as a passanger and as a musher. We start in our dogyard by giving attention and affection to our four legged, and get to know each other! Together we ready up the teams, and afterwards we mush together in nearby areas with a variety of terrain.

After the tour we fire up a nice bonfire with dogcuddles and hot beverage and snacks. 

Periode: Sept-March (depending on the temperatur and snow)

Tid: 2-4 hours

Price(NOK): 885kr pr adult (15+), 665kr pr children (4+), 2434kr pr family á 2 adults and 2 children

From 2 til 10 participents.


Kennel visit

Come visit our dogyard!

The dogs are always ready for cuddles and love new company. In the dogyard we will lit a bonfire with warm or cold beverages, dog cuddles and snacks. Here you can meet all our dogs one by one. Don't be scared to ask us any questions about the kennel life while you do! 

Contact us to plan time and date.

Periode: The whole year!

Tid: 2 hours

Price(NOK): 1-4 persons 1050,-

+1 person 160,-

(Children always have to be accompanied by an adult)

Children under the age of 4 is for free.

Hiking with saddle bags

This is a trip where we together plan a path and a tailored hike for the participents. Maybe we will go all the way up til Skårsetra? Or maybe over the fantastical Flofjellet from Flo in the south til Hellesylt towards North? Or just a calm hike with lunch and company by the dog is the main goal?

The dogs willl carry saddle bags for dogs, and be with us for the whole trip - helping us in tough terrain in addition to carrying both our and their own provisions in their bags.

This is the trip for those who wants to try hiking in the forest or mountain with dogs and saddlebags, and that was a close view of Vestlandets incredible nature.


Periode: June- October

Tid: by appointment

Price(NOK): 1-2 persons from 3100,-

+1 person from 1050,-

From 4 participents


Company visit

Do you have a company that needs to do something different together? Or maybe you need a happening to your event? Maybe a school class or scouts that wants to experience something different? 

Here we have the opportunity to tailor to your needs. As an example we can take our dogs to your event and go mushing with our dog teams, or you can come visit us and have a day at our dogyard. The possibilities are endless!

Contact us and we can together find a solution that works best for you.

Periode: The whole year, with mushing it depends on the tempature. 

Tid: by appointment

Price: From 4235 ,- NOK eks.vat 

from 4 participents

Foto av @Kai Chen / @Kai Chen Photography


Halfday- and daytrip with a dog team

Join us touring the majestic Strynefjellet which borders between Stryn in Vestland county and Sjåk in Innlandet county. The area lies just north of Jostedalsbreen and west of Reinheimen.

We will begin with a short but secure training of dogsledding  before readying up the sleds and the dog teams for the trip. The trip will be high up on plateau terrain; perhaps we will witness those extra powers wake in our dogs when a Grouse takes off in front of us! 

Our sleds take off in untouched snow, and we will enjoy our lunch out in nature.

Periode: mid-Febuary - April

Price:(NOK) 6750,- Halfday

                     9600,- Daytrip

The prices apply to 1-3 participants

Age limit:18 


On two weels on the mountain

With terrain-bicycles you are able to experience our beautiful Flofjellet on two weels.

Flo to Hellesylt is an amazing trip in majestic nature. By renting a bicycle through us will you be able to bike in your own tempo while witnessing everything nature has to offer, and take a bream or a quick bite of your lunch right where you want to.


In case you are of the sportier kind the bicycles have a battery capacity to help you for a longer trip around. Flo - Geiranger - Gamle Strynefjellsveien - Flo.

The possibilities are many and we will quide you to tailor the trip for paths and difficulty for your criteria and stamina. 

Right now we have two bicucles available for renting. The batteries lasts 5 hours but weight and effect on the bicycle, as well as many uphills, can limit the battery capacity.

Periode: June - October

Price:(NOK) 730,- per bicycle per day. Inkl insurance on the bicycle and helmet. 

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