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We are a cozy family kennel placed just outside of the beautiful town called Stryn.
We offer incredible views together with social dogs and different trips, both hiking and with dog sleds. 


Foto av @Kai Chen / @Kai Chen Photography

Behind the sled

Our family consists of newlyweds, two cats, three woolly pigs and 19 dogs. We are Guro Petronella and Kyrre Johan who are running and owning the kennel Fururabben Husky. We met the autumn of 2018, og are living just outside of Stryn, halfway up upon a mountain. 

We are involved with mushing as it gives us a huge sense of happiness and joy. You get everything you need: Fresh air, training, company, care, bruises, a thin wallet, all kinds of weather, and a joy of life you never could imagine. Our dogs are our family and the most important priority for us is that their needs are fulfilled, which also translates to giving them all the uses they need. Calm walks one by one, using dog saddle bags, bathing in lakes, cozy couch nights inside, training in dog teams, running free in the kennel, socializing with both two legged and fourlegged, join us in our daily work and city trips. An allround dog is a happy dog. 

                           A LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT 
We wish to contribute to the local society and animal society in Stryn and surroundings, and are among other things the leader of a local doggroup. Our vision is to continue with local offers and are hoping on more unique events in our society. 

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Right now our kennel consists of 19 dogs, with 6 puppies, 2 younglings and one senior.


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Foto av @Kai Chen / @Kai Chen Photography


Image by Annie Spratt




I am from a tiny village in what we call Søre Sunnmøre, and if you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing this would never be mentioned. Some years ago I chose to try out dogsledding and outdoor creation in the folk highschool 69°Nord and I never looked back. Because of our amazing teacher I got to work as a Handler in a beautiful kennel in Alta. Around two years later I decided to travel south again with my dog Alfred. One year later a senior dog from the earlier kennel joined my team; Wanny, and I was ready to enjoy the outdoor life with these two. Four months later Kyrre appeared, with his kind eyes and 6 dogs, who all quickly reached my heart. So here I sit with my big dog family and husband, and couldn't be happier.

eg e litt stalker.jpg



I originate from the city Bergen, but grew up in the OL-city Lillehammer. Dogs have nearly always been a part of my adult life. I moved to Hallingdal in 2012 to work at a DNT-cabin to continue with outdoor creation, and its here that my dogsledding-adventure began and I, as say in Norway; got bitten by the bacille (Got hooked). Since then dogsledding has been one of the biggest and most important parts of my life.

In addition to mushing, I've also been doing a lot of different outdoor recreation types of activities. From hiking til expeditions, throughout my whole life. Both in my freetime and as a profession. I get a sense of calm from being outside no matter what the wheater, and in many ways I live my life like Lars Monsen, a Norwegian outdoor recreationist. 

litt mer f b stalking.jpg


Marius is probably the best thing that has happened to us. No matter what he shows up when we need it. He will often stop by and borrow a dog when we wants to hike, and easily joins us in one of our adventures.






Ronda went to the same folk highschool as Guro, and lives and breathes for dogs and dogsledding. Coming from the North of Norway Ronda has, as we say in Norway, a bone in the nose and knows how to get things done. Short said; an amazing person to have on our team!



Beate is a local youth that truly isnt afraid of walking that extra mile. She contacted us through an announcement we had about 2,5 years ago, and she is still a great help. She will join in on everything and awlays works with a smile. She is also our (unofficial) HMS personell.

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